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The Ultimate Litter Box


As a cat owners for years, we have experienced with different types of litter boxes.

What we have learned firsthand is that the problem with these boxes is the extremely strong and repelling smell of ammonia coming from the cat's urine.  

There are in principle two types of litter boxes –non automatic and automatic.

Automatic box are supposed to evacuate the waste clumps into a closed collection container 

In practice, though automatic boxes do collect the waste, but they do not neutralize the smell after the removal of the lumps and they are not fully, 3600 closed.

Beyond the bad smell, cats, being spoiled by nature, also cease to use their litter boxes reliably due to the bad smell.

So as much as we love our cats, the reality is that we hate to take care of their litter boxes - , however, there is a way around this terrible odor problem that makes our lives and our cats lives much easier and happier - and it works.

Our unique, 3600 closed, box is automated and includes sensors that collect the lumps. But in addition to a charcoal filter, the box includes two unique automated systems for odor neutralization: a ventilation system and an automated spray system, making this the only automatic box with a full odor elimination solution. 

The box system start working a while after the cat finishes its business and the secretions finish clumping.

Our automated box has other functions that really make it unique. In addition to unique components in the box, there is a special collar for the cat that syncs to a mobile app enabling:  

Picture and sound - bi-directional, with your cat.

Routinely measures the weight, pulse and body temperature of your cat.

Measures the activity rate of your cat.

Stores the cat's medical history (vaccines, drugs), and sends automatic reminders.

Constant GPS mapping your cat's location.

Translation of your cat's meows into equivalent human speech.

Alerts for abnormal situations and faults of the litter box, sand and clumps bag replacement.

The operating cost of the box is particularly negligible and no additional accessories are sold with the box or needed.

Our ultimate auto box is offered in a uniquely cost effective price, with or without the optional collar.

The Ultimate Litter Box

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